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What's in my bag: Witchy Edition

I'm always curious about what sort of things witches and spiritual practitioners carry around with them on a daily basis. Do you carry a full blown portable altar or just a few little things here and there?

Here are my essentials:

TAROT DECK I pretty much never leave the house without a deck. …

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tarot birth cards

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve hopped on here but I’m back!
I’ve been down, uninspired, unmotivated all the un’s. The fire has been missing and the burnout is real. Of course, my first instinct is to fight it. My Aries brain just cannot accept creative breaks. It goes and goes until inevit…

Witch Crafting: Sigil Magic

A little while ago we talked about sigil magic, what it is and how to create magical symbols. Today, let’s get into some of the fun stuff we can do with sigil magic! Sigils are one of the most versatile forms of magic, you can incorporate them into a myriad of magical projects. Read on to see …

Ten Tarot Decks for Beginners

The other day I got to thinking about how hard it was for me to choose my first tarot deck. There were just too many options! And there are so many more now than eight years ago when I got started. I can only imagine how overwhelmed someone would be now with all those amazing decks to pick from. S…