Cleansing Your Tarot Deck

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

They may be paper and ink but they hold a lot of energy.

Sometimes you might find that after a few readings or after a particularly grueling spread your deck starts to feel a little icky. You might find that the cards aren’t making sense together, or too many are flying out when you shuffle. It might leave you wondering if you’ve lost your touch or that they simply don’t like you anymore. You use your deck all the time, what could possibly be wrong?
It might just be time for a good cleansing! Read on for my favorite ways to keep my decks cleansed and ready for readings!

My Top 5 Tarot Cleansing Rituals:

1. Smoke cleansing. My favorite is Palo Santo but sage works amazingly, any favorite incense will work! I like to fan out the cards and just waft the smoke around them with the intention to cleanse them of any residual energy.
2. Selenite. This magical crystal is self cleansing and always radiating beautiful positive energy. I love storing my decks with a selenite stick, they always seem to be vibrating higher after spending time with selenite. I’ve literally had decks that I thought I could never work with, the energy was just weird, until I stored them with some selenite. Now we’re just the best of friends. Selenite is magic, seriously. I also like to wave it over a fanned out deck in a sweeping motion for a good cleanse (try it on yourself too it is absolutely magical!).
3. Knocking & Sweeping. A quick and easy way to cleanse your deck of residual energy is simply to knock on it. If you have nothing else around, this will do. I like to set my deck on the table and just knock on it three times then use my dominant hand to sweep away the energy and it really does the trick in between readings.
4. Shuffling is also a super quick way to release stagnant energies in your deck. By simply shuffling it you’re scattering anything that was suck in your cards. This won’t be a deep cleanse but it’s good practice in between readings.
5. Reordering. This one takes a bit of time, but I find it really helps to ground a flighty deck. Take the time to put all the cards back in order, it’s not only “resetting” the deck but it helps you get acquainted with your cards if you’re new to them!

So there you have it, my favorite ways to keep my tarot and oracle decks clean and read to tackle any reading I can throw at them!

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