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Thursday, September 6, 2018

my own birth cards: the chariot and the tower

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve hopped on here but I’m back!
I’ve been down, uninspired, unmotivated all the un’s. The fire has been missing and the burnout is real. Of course, my first instinct is to fight it. My Aries brain just cannot accept creative breaks. It goes and goes until inevitably it all falls apart, I’m forced to slow down and we begin the cycle all over again.
In the middle of this self-inflicted chaos I’ve had no other choice but to recognize the ups and downs as part of my internal cycle and surrender. This has been the biggest lesson for me over the past year.
But this is about Tarot birth cards, right? Let’s get on with that.


Our birth cards are a set of two (sometimes three!) Major Arcana cards assigned to us based on the numerology of birth dates. Your tarot cards, like your astrological profile stay with you all your life. Every pairing speaks to different aspects of ourselves. They could point out personality traits, lessons for this life time, patterns we’re meant to embrace or break.
I don’t believe they tell us everything about ourselves, but they do highlight significant aspects of our journey and can become valuable allies as we walk our path.


There are a few sites where you can find your birth cards and more information about each of the pairs. The one I used to find mine was the Tarot School.
It’s pretty simple to do it yourself, all you need to do is take your birth month, day, and year and add them together, then reduce to a single digit. Your pair will be the single digit and the other Major Arcana that reduces to the same number.
For example, if you were born on January 22, 1986 your process would look like this:
01 + 22 + 1986 = 2009 → 2 + 9 = 11 → 1+1= 2
Your tarot birth cards would be The High Priestess and Judgement!
*If your cards reduce to 1 your cards are The Magician, The Wheel, AND The Sun


My pair is The Chariot and The Tower, a chaotic pair for sure. But there couldn’t be a more appropriate pair. I do have to admit though that when I first found out what they were years ago I was so disappointed. Seriously, the freaking tower? Who wants that? I was a little mad about it.
Once I got over myself and really took the time to work with them and consider what they were trying to teach me I realized I judged them too soon.
Over the past year they’ve really grown on me and I’ve learned to listen both to their positive and “negative” qualities. I began to notice patterns, everything I am is about constant self-regeneration, and doesn’t that speak to the tower? After it all falls apart I pick up the pieces and start over. My internal chariot comes to the rescue.
And when the chariot takes over and I’m moving way too fast and losing focus, I crash into the tower, chaos for creation.
I had my biggest tower moment last summer, I think that’s what really put my cycles into perspective. And front and center.
I literally had a fall, tumbled down the stairs and fractured my ankle. Surgery and no walking for 4 months. The Tower says it’s time to slow down and refocus, sometimes it takes chaos to wake up.
And once I was able to listen, this whole thing came along. THIS thing that I’d been putting off for so long. The Chariot took over again and I began to move forward more focused and driven than ever. And here we are!
Working with my birth cards really gave me insight into my own patterns and helped me navigate difficult times by allowing me to remain aware and present. I can now recognize what is happening internally and try to let things flow.
The Chariot and Tower definitely still play a role in my life on a smaller scale, especially in my creative process, but it was so interesting to experience them in such a significant way.


I’ve created a few questions for you to work with if you’re interested in exploring your birth cards through journaling and reflection.
  • What is the relationship between these two cards? What story do they tell? Do I see this story reflected in my life?
  • I dislike my cards. Why? What is it about this card that puts me off and where does it appear within my life/self?
  • How can I work towards integrating the lessons presented in my birth cards?
I hope you find something beautiful in you cards~
Much Love,
Liliana x

Witch Crafting: Sigil Magic

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A little while ago we talked about sigil magic, what it is and how to create magical symbols. Today, let’s get into some of the fun stuff we can do with sigil magic! Sigils are one of the most versatile forms of magic, you can incorporate them into a myriad of magical projects. Read on to see how you can have fun with your sigil magic.
And if you haven’t downloaded your guide to sigil magic you can get your 10-page PDF guide here.


Spell bottles are pretty straightforward you have an intention, you gather ingredients, stick them in the jar. Shake it, charge it, and you’re ready to go. Adding a sigil to your spell bottles can make them more powerful magnifying and cementing the intention.


Subtle or prominently displayed, art and sigil magic go together like…things that go together? They can be discreetly painted into the base layer of a painting and no one would be the wiser. Sigil art in the home can be used to promote joy, bring blessings (think housewarming!), and provide protection from psychic attack or any unwanted energy sticking around where it’s not welcome. Maybe you want to promote harmonious interactions, or encourage extra warm fuzzy feelings, or create a super calm space. Creating a magical piece of art is an amazing way to bring sigil magic into practice.


Just like sigil art this method can be discreet or absolutely loud. This is perfect for casting glamours and protection spells on your clothes. I feel the process of stitching the sigil on your item gives it an incredibly focused energy. Imagine a favorite denim jacket decked out in magic like psychic armor or performing a glamour by drawing the sigil on your face with your moisturizer or favorite foundation and blending it out for radiating beauty from the inside out.
You may even wish to paint sigils on your shoes to encourage you to walk boldly or enchant your glasses for clear vision. The possibilities are endless!

sigil spell bottle


Do you have a favorite mug to have your tea or coffee in? Make it a magical vessel! Create a sigil for a good day, self-love, good health, grounding. Anything you might want to take in while you have your beverage. You can paint the sigil on your mug with ceramic paint markers, or if you have a favorite glass you can even use etching cream to create a beautiful frosted glass look.
One of my favorite ways, and probably the most frequent way I use sigils is to stir them into my drink. Sound weird? Let me explain. I usually take tea with honey so, when I stir my tea I’ll stir three times clockwise while reciting my intention, then trace the sigil into the liquid with the spoon and seal it by placing my hands over it with a goo old “So mote it be.” It only takes a minute and makes mornings all the more magical and helps me set good intentions for the day.


These are super easy to make and perfect for ritual. You may simply with to carve it directly on the candle wax, or you may choose to paint it on a glass pillar candle. Jesse Huntenburg has a beautiful way of making these with tissue paper, watch the video here. Either way it works! This is a good way to activate the sigil as it disappears as the wax melts. And your altar will look spectacularly witchy.


You may wish to embroider your sigil on your pouch as I have with this dream pillow (Dream magic coming soon!).
Or tuck it away inside the spell pouch after it’s been charged and activated. If you’re feeling wild you can even throw the ashes of your sigil into the bag as well to mix in with the rest of the ingredients.
I hope you enjoyed these fun little ideas! What’s your favorite way to use Sigil Magic?
If you try any of these and feel like sharing tag me on Instagram @lunaxflor!
Much Love,
Liliana x
P.S. Grab your Sigil Guide by clicking on the image below if you don’t already have it!

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Ten Tarot Decks for Beginners

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

my first deck: tarot of the sweet twilight

The other day I got to thinking about how hard it was for me to choose my first tarot deck. There were just too many options! And there are so many more now than eight years ago when I got started. I can only imagine how overwhelmed someone would be now with all those amazing decks to pick from. So, I decided to compile a little list of tarot decks for beginners. These are decks I've read with, loved, and feel would be great decks for anyone going the Rider-Waite-Smith route. I tried to pick a variety, in artwork and accessibility. They range from the super traditional to the beautifully artsy and from indie to something you could pick up at your local book store.
Read on for my picks!
Tarot decks for beginners
 L to R: Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot, Sasuraibito Tarot, Morgan Greer Tarot[/caption]

Smith Waite Centennial Tarot

A classic and my favorite incarnation of the RWS. It has a vintage-y quality to it; the back is so pretty, and it just works! If you want to keep it super traditional this is the perfect study deck. See more on Aeclectic.net.

Sasuraibito Tarot

Aka Sassy Burrito Aka my current favorite deck. I love the illustration style in this deck! While some cards may veer off a bit from the traditional meanings most of it works well with the classic model and since all the cards are fully illustrated it's perfect for tarot learning. Read my interview with the Sasuraibito here or grab your own deck in Stasia Burrington's shop.

Morgan Greer Tarot

This is one of two 70's style decks on this list, and it’s one of my favorites. The colors are bold and vibrant, and the people are amazingly stylish. Morgan Greer is pretty traditional and mostly keeps to the standard card depictions. See more Morgan Greer Tarot images here.
L to R: Dreaming Way Tarot, Dark Days Tarot, Wild Unknown Tarot

Dreaming Way Tarot

This was my second deck ever and remains one of my most used. The characters all have a sort of androgynous look which I love, and I want all their outfits. Dreaming way is a very spring-like airy sort of deck. The watercolor art definitely gives it a dreamy quality. See more of the Dreaming Way Tarot here. Side note: mine looks a bit different because I trimmed the edges!

Dark Days Tarot

This amazing black and white deck came into my life last year and from the moment I laid eyes on it I knew I had to have it. It’s black and white, it’s square, and it’s all moon! While Dark Days is far from the traditional RWS it’s fully pictorial and easy to read. The images are super evocative, and you can find meaning in them with just one look. Explore the Dark Days Tarot or grab your own copy here.

Wild Unknown Tarot

Do I even have to say anything about this deck? Everyone knows it, everyone loves it. There’s nothing I can say about the Wild unknown that hasn’t already been said. It is absolutely beautiful, mostly black and white with little pops of color. I almost didn’t include this one because it’s more of a pip deck but I do think it’s still an amazing starter deck. Even though there aren’t any people or full scenes in the cards you can still take a lot from the images and symbolism throughout. The Wild Unknown is one of my most reached for decks. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.
Learn more about the Wild Unknown Tarot here.

Tarot of the Magical Forest

If you want to keep it classic but also love cute and slightly creepy animals Tarot of the Magical Forest is the deck for you! This one is a RWS clone. It follows the traditional imagery almost exactly, so it’ll be super easy to match up with all the tarot books out there. So, if these creepy critters don’t scare you this one might work for you. See more from the Tarot of the Magical Forest here.

Book of Shadows Vol 2: So Below

This is part of a series of two decks, as you can assume from the “Vol 2” I’ve never owned the “As Above” deck so I can’t speak for that one but this one was good. The So Below deck is a modern take on tarot, a modern Pagan take on tarot. You’ll find all the characters in modern clothes, living a modern Pagan life. The Hermit chills out in the tub while The Chariot drives her kids to school. It is different that’s for sure. It’s that modern element though that makes it so easy to work with though. It makes tarot concepts totally relatable. So, if you’re done with old fashioned tarot and want a Pagan deck that’s all about real life Vol 2 is perfect for you. See more of the deck here.

Aquarian Tarot

The second 70's deck on the list. The Aquarian Tarot is a 70's deck with an Art Nouveau feel. It's based on the classic RWS format but with a zoomed in twist. most cards seem to be a close-up view of the characters. I no longer own this deck for personal nit-picky sort of reasons [those faces freaked me out]. But I do think this is a lovely deck if you're looking for something with a vintage feel. See more here.

Linestrider Tarot

I don't currently own this one (yet) but I really wanted to mention it. I’ve gone through the images and I’m in love with it. While they don’t have a traditional look and might even seem slightly intimidating at first all the cards hold true to their traditional meaning. The Linestrider is clean, minimalist with a hint of color and all the significance. See images from the Linestrider here.
That makes ten! I hope my list helped some of you thinking about getting into tarot or even just your next deck! Do you have any recommended tarot decks for beginners? What deck did you start your studies with? Let me know in the comments below!
Much Love,
Liliana x

Tarot Habits: Journaling, Crystals, and Spreads

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

If you’ve been reading Tarot for any length of time you’ll have developed little habits in your reading. Everyone has a different approach to the cards and what they do when it’s time to sit down for a reading. Here are a few of mine:


I love having a few crystals in my reading space to set the energy, for grounding, for clarity, and also because they look so pretty! Some of my favorites are Amethyst for clear divine connection, Septarian for grounding and earth connection, Rose Quartz for reading from a heart space, and a new one I’ve been loving is Chrysocolla for clear communication and encouraging self-expression.
I like to set these around my reading space along with other little things like candles, sacred items, or incense to create a sacred space for reading. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen a little key appear frequently in my posts. This is my shout out to The Hierophant my teacher and card for 2018.

The Tarot Journal

I have a couple of Tarot journals one for my daily/weekly/monthly draws and one for full spreads. My traveler’s notebook contains my daily tarot draws. I used to just put them in my daily planner, but I wasn’t happy with that, so I moved them to a separate notebook where I can use as much space as I need each day!
I also started tracking my daily cards in a little tracker. This amazing idea came from Jess Rollar of Radical She Tarot. It’s the perfect way to see patterns as far as moon phases and in relation to my card of the month from my yearly tarot reading.
My second journal is home to full readings that go into shadow work, self-exploration, spirit guide communications, and pretty much anything that’s not a day to day kind of thing. This one gets pulled out for full and new moons, holy days, and any time I feel particularly adventurous.

Weekly & Monthly Spreads

I like to check in with tarot often. Aside from daily draws I use these weekly and monthly spreads to look at current themes in my life and advice for navigating through whatever energy is present at the moment.


Affirmations & Tarot

An important part of my tarot practice is affirmations. This helps me remember the main message of a reading and allows me to carry it with me in everyday life. So, even if I didn’t get a change to journal an entire reading synthesizing it in the form of an affirmation helps me integrate the message more easily than if I remember it at some point and start wondering what that was about and how it might relate to my current situation. An affirmation creates a practical way to work with the guidance provided by the cards.
So, there you have it. My tarot habits. What habits do you have in your tarot practice? Let me know in the comments below, I wanna know all about them!
Much Love,
Liliana x

5 Ways to Use Your Tarot Deck [Besides Readings]

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

When we think about usually think of tarot as a predictive tool, a device to catch a glimpse into the future. And it can be that, but it’s also so much more. My primary focus for tarot reading is personal development but I also like to have fun with my deck! There is a myriad of ways to work with these 78 different archetypes. From creating art with them to incorporating them into spell work, there are endless ways to play with tarot. Let’s explore!

Tarot Crystal Grids

I love the combination of tarot and crystals, it’s only natural to bring it all into a crystal grid! You may place a tarot card as a focal point to your grid to expand the energy of your intent. For example, I might bring the star into a crystal grid for emotional healing along with my favorite rose quartz and selenite crystals.

The World from Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

Tarot Journaling

This might be a little bit obvious but there are different ways to journal with tarot besides just interpreting the cards. Use them as prompts! Pick a card at random, that’s your theme. You don’t even need to get personal if you don’t want to. Just use the cards as a jumping off point. This method is great for writing fiction too, lay out a few cards, maybe 3-5 and let them tell you a story. What journey is your character going on?

Make Art

Vision boards, collage, art journals all of these are amazing ways to incorporate tarot into art projects. Use the archetypes in the cards for self-expression, build a deeper connection with the tarot by infusing your life with it. Using tarot in visual journaling is not only fun but can help cultivate deeper connection with the archetypes of the tarot. Maybe take some time each day to doodle your card of the day or stick it in your journal and glue or write things on it relating to the themes of the card.

Tarot Cards on Your Altar

Tarot has elemental correspondences, right? So, why not use the cards in your altar space. You may wish to use the aces to symbolize the four elements or even use a card for representation of deity or divine source. Like the high priestess or even the magician for example. This is a fun way to work with the properties in your cards and create a minimal altar of that’s your vibe.

Magic at Your Fingertips

Your tarot deck is magic. We can use the cards for spell work. Take a deck that has a few missing cards, or one that you’ve held onto that doesn’t really resonate in readings and you have magical supplies. Carry around the card you want to embody for the day. Are you going into the studio? Take the Empress and the Magician with you. Create. Manifest. Want an extra bit of luck on that job interview? Bring the Emperor along for a boost in confidence and boss ass energy. I love adding tarot energy to spell bottles as well, you could print one or draw it out, maybe write some intentions on it and throw it in! You have 78 different allies in Tarot, befriend them, work with them.
I hope these ideas give you some inspiration to work with your deck, even if you feel intimidated by doing a reading, using tarot as a tool in a more physical form helps develop our relationship with our cards. How do you play with tarot?

Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,
Liliana x

Sigil Magic + Free Sigil Creation Guide

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sigil Magic. Have you ever seen magical objects adorned with some weird looking symbols? You may have been looking at a piece of sigil magic. Working with magical symbols is one of my favorite ways of working with magic. Why? I’m kind of a lazy witch, creating, charging, and activating a magical sigil is quick and relatively easy once you get the hang of it. Talk about magic on the go!
Read on to see exactly what sigil magic is, how it works, and don’t forget to grab your magical sigil creation guide below!

Sigils for initiations, patience, and dream work.

What are Sigils?

In simple terms, a sigil is a symbol created and activated to carry out an intention. It is a piece of magic that works within the realms of the unconscious to manifest our desires in the universe. They are part of the Chaos tradition of magic, made popular by Peter J. Carrol in the 1970s. Though this tradition has a specific way of creating magical symbols, the practice of creating magical and powerful symbols has been around for much longer than that. Think of symbols like the cross, a pentagram, or an ankh. All of these have been around for much longer than Chaos Magic, and they still remind us of something when they show up.

How do they Work?

Sigils work by activation through your subconscious mind. It sounds weird, yes. But think of it almost like a logo, or any kind of religious symbol. When you see them, your mind knows they have a specific significance. They activate something in your brain as if they’ve been programmed. Sigils work in a similar way, they are symbols created to blend into your subconscious mind to activate certain energies. By creating a symbol, spending time with it, charging, it and activating it we create subconscious bonds with our intentions. It’s a like a piece of magic that works in the background.

How are sigils used?

We can use sigils for pretty much anything, love, money, banishing, protection, spiritual purposes, anything. If you can think of it and you desire it, it can be made into sigil magic. Sigils may be used in a number of ways: to draw something toward us, to remind us of something, or to banish. The actions you would take when charging and activating should reflect these intentions. For example: a sigil created to protect your home could be burned and the ashes could be buried in your front yard.

Things to keep in Mind When Creating Sigils:

  • They do not have to be pretty.
  • There is no wrong way to create a magical sigil, everyone does it differently. Even I have different methods of creation within my practice.
  • Intention is everything. Write your intentions as present actions or affirmations. Ex: “I will get the job” will turn into “I am hired” or “I am have a job.”
  • For your sigil to work it must be activated, simply drawing it will not do the trick.

So, How can I make a Sigil?

Intereseted in incorporating Sigil Magic into your practice? Click on the Download below to get your own guide containing everything you need to know to get creating powerful magic through symbols.
Happy Crafting!
Much Love,
Liliana x

Download your own Sigil Creation Guide:


Moon Water Ritual

Sunday, January 28, 2018

This full moon will be extra potent. We have a Full moon in Leo, the second full moon of January, making it a blue moon. AND we will also be having a full lunar eclipse, making it a blood moon. So much energy will be available to us. I thought this might be the perfect time to make moon water and a rose quartz elixir to imbibe the healing properties the moon will have for us tonight. This is a little ritual for moon water and gem elixir with the intention of promoting self love and deep healing of the shadow self. Read on to see the full ritual, use it tonight, or on any full moon!


  • Drinking Water
  • Rose Quartz
  • Glass Jar With Lid
  • Full Moon
  • An altar setup of your choice: it can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Pick things that make you feel warm, loved, beautiful. Charge an item of your choosing if you desire; such as a piece of jewelry, a mirror, makeup, anything you can carry with you as a charm.

The Ritual:

  • Take a bath or shower in preparation, if you can’t maybe just wash your hands and face to cleanse and renew calm.
  • Set up your altar in any way you like. I chose to use rose quartz pieces, marigold petals to connect with Leo energy, and a few tarot cards. The empress to bring love and inspiration, the high priestess for lunar healing, and strength for its connection to Leo.
  • When you feel ready, fill your jar with drinking water and place it at the center of your altar, place a rose quartz stone on the closed lid to create a gem elixir for self love and healing with your moon water. If possible in clear view of the moon, it’s okay if you can’t. The lunar energy is everywhere.
  • Once everything is set, it’s time to set your intention for the ritual. Offer a prayer to the Divine and to the moon. Speak your intention for the water and ask for it to be blessed by this lunar energy.
  • Now, leave your water to soak up the moon energy for at least an hour. You may leave it overnight if you wish but keep in mind rose quartz fades with the sunlight so don’t leave it our for too long!

Uses for Moon Water

Once you collect your moon water it can be used for any number of things! You can drink it straight to imbibe its loving energy and healing properties, or you can get creative and use it however you like. Here are a few ways I use moon water:
  • Brew your tea or coffee with it
  • Wash your face
  • Mix it into a clay mask
  • Use it in essential oil spray (a blend of geranium and lavender is my favorite)
  • Mix your paint in it, create a magical piece of art
  • Bless your space with it
  • Bless your magical tools
Happy Full Moon, I hope you enjoy this unique combination of energies available to you tonight.
Much Love,
Liliana x

Tarot Confusion: When Readings Don’t Make Sense

Friday, January 26, 2018

So you’re doing a reading, you shuffle, you ask your question, you lay down the cards and…it makes absolutely no sense. What happens now?

It can happen, sometimes we can stare at a spread until we’re blue in the face and it just doesn’t add up or doesn’t feel right. When this happens, we can do a few things, read on to see how I tackle tarot confusion.

First, check in with yourself.

How are you feeling? Are you tired, in an altered emotional state, sleepy?  Have you had food or water? If you’re feeling a bit ungrounded or overly emotional it could have interfered with the energies of the cards. Have you ever tried to study, read a book, or focus on anything when you were hungry? How did that work out? Not great for me, I’ll tell you that much.  Try doing something grounding; eat something if you haven’t eaten, have some water, take some deep breaths. Center yourself and then come back to the spread, still not making any sense?

Check in with your deck.

Just like we do, decks need maintenance too! Sometimes it’s just a matter of stagnant energy in your cards. I try to cleanse my decks regularly to avoid any interference of lingering energy from previous readings. If you would like to see how I cleanse my tarot cards head over here to read more. about keeping your deck ready for any reading.

Clarification cards.

If my deck has been cleansed and I’m feeling just fine, and I still can’t make sense of a spread I like to draw a clarification card or two for specific cards that don’t seem to have any relevance to my question. Try not to draw too many cards, this might get even more confusing. Drawing a couple of cards will usually help bring some clarity and context to the base cards. I sometimes even like to mix it up and add an oracle card to the reading, the messages usually start to make sense after this. But what if they don’t?

Is it a sign?

If after making sure I’m centered and drawing clarifiers the cards still seem wrong, either leave the reading for another time or I start over. Since this doesn’t happen often, I will usually I’ll take it as a sign that I’m not meant to be doing this reading at this time. For whatever reason, the universe doesn’t think I’m ready for these answers. When readings don’t work out it’s good practice to take note of it in a journal. Record your question, how you were feeling, and even the cards you drew [who knows, it might make sense later!] reflect on why you did the reading in the first place, dive deep, you might find that you already had the answer within you all along. Maybe pull the High Priestess out for inspiration.
So there you have it, some of the ways I tackle tarot confusion. I hope this little checklist helps if you ever feel blocked during a reading. How do you deal with tarot blocks? Let me know in the comments below!
Much Love,
Liliana x

What Should I Ask the Tarot?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tarot can feel like some really mysterious thing, especially at first.

We see images in media all the time of the tarot reader wrapped up in smoke and scarves predicting the exact moment you find your soulmate, or telling you you’re dying tomorrow. Coming into a tarot reading with these images in mind, it can be almost intimidating to ask a question. But it doesn’t have to be that way, at the end of the day tarot cards are paper and ink helping us to get in touch with a deeper part of ourselves.
It can be tricky to phrase our questions when asking the tarot for guidance so here are a few ways to get the best out of your reading. Try to steer away from yes or no questions, you likely won’t get a concrete answer. Try to keep it open ended; look towards what, why, and how phrases, these help you get the most detail and clarity from your reading. Keep your questions action based and you will find the cards have a lot more information for you that if you simply ask if you should or shouldn’t.

If you have a Yes/No question try rephrasing it!

Instead of: Will I get a job soon/Should I quit my job?
Try: What can I do to prepare for the job I’m looking for/ What can I focus on in my career?
Instead of: Will I get back together with X?
Try: How can I work with my current situation, what can I do to accept these changes?
Instead of: Will I ever find love?
Try: What can I do now to manifest and welcome love into my life?
Instead of: Is my business/project/venture going to be successful?
Try: First ask yourself what success means to you, it’s different for everyone. Then ask the tarot, what steps can I take now to put me on track with my goals?

A simple three card reading with the Dreaming Way Tarot.

A few prompts to get you formulating effective tarot questions:

  • What do I need to know about this/myself?
  • How can I improve my relationship with…
  • Can you help me get clarity on…
  • Where should my focus shift?
  • What are the pros and cons of this situation?
  • What am I not seeing?
  • What is holding me back?
  • How can I move forward with…
  • Can you help me find a way to…
  • Can you help me understand why…
  • What can I learn from..
a three card reading with the numinous tarot by noel arthur heimpel
Many of these yes/no questions you already intuitively know the answer to; tarot can be used as a tool to point you in the direction you want to go, to help you create a plan, not simply say yes or no. Any number of things can affect the outcome of a situation, tarot just helps us get a better handle on things. Tarot doesn’t tell you definitively where you’re going, but it does tell you what might be coming up ahead as a result of certain choices. If we can see the possibilities laid out in front of us we then have the power to choose.
The thing is tarot isn’t some end all be all thing. It is first and foremost a tool. A tool to connect with your subconscious, with your higher self, with Source, with your Guides to help you along the way.

Tarot is not the destination. It is the map and your intuition is the compass, the cards don’t get to decide where you go. Their job is to tell you what’s out there so you can choose the road you want to take.

I hope my ramblings made some sense and can help you create effective and empowering questions to get the most information out of your tarot readings.
Much love,
Liliana x

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