5 Ways to Use Your Tarot Deck [Besides Readings]

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

When we think about usually think of tarot as a predictive tool, a device to catch a glimpse into the future. And it can be that, but it’s also so much more. My primary focus for tarot reading is personal development but I also like to have fun with my deck! There is a myriad of ways to work with these 78 different archetypes. From creating art with them to incorporating them into spell work, there are endless ways to play with tarot. Let’s explore!

Tarot Crystal Grids

I love the combination of tarot and crystals, it’s only natural to bring it all into a crystal grid! You may place a tarot card as a focal point to your grid to expand the energy of your intent. For example, I might bring the star into a crystal grid for emotional healing along with my favorite rose quartz and selenite crystals.

The World from Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

Tarot Journaling

This might be a little bit obvious but there are different ways to journal with tarot besides just interpreting the cards. Use them as prompts! Pick a card at random, that’s your theme. You don’t even need to get personal if you don’t want to. Just use the cards as a jumping off point. This method is great for writing fiction too, lay out a few cards, maybe 3-5 and let them tell you a story. What journey is your character going on?

Make Art

Vision boards, collage, art journals all of these are amazing ways to incorporate tarot into art projects. Use the archetypes in the cards for self-expression, build a deeper connection with the tarot by infusing your life with it. Using tarot in visual journaling is not only fun but can help cultivate deeper connection with the archetypes of the tarot. Maybe take some time each day to doodle your card of the day or stick it in your journal and glue or write things on it relating to the themes of the card.

Tarot Cards on Your Altar

Tarot has elemental correspondences, right? So, why not use the cards in your altar space. You may wish to use the aces to symbolize the four elements or even use a card for representation of deity or divine source. Like the high priestess or even the magician for example. This is a fun way to work with the properties in your cards and create a minimal altar of that’s your vibe.

Magic at Your Fingertips

Your tarot deck is magic. We can use the cards for spell work. Take a deck that has a few missing cards, or one that you’ve held onto that doesn’t really resonate in readings and you have magical supplies. Carry around the card you want to embody for the day. Are you going into the studio? Take the Empress and the Magician with you. Create. Manifest. Want an extra bit of luck on that job interview? Bring the Emperor along for a boost in confidence and boss ass energy. I love adding tarot energy to spell bottles as well, you could print one or draw it out, maybe write some intentions on it and throw it in! You have 78 different allies in Tarot, befriend them, work with them.
I hope these ideas give you some inspiration to work with your deck, even if you feel intimidated by doing a reading, using tarot as a tool in a more physical form helps develop our relationship with our cards. How do you play with tarot?

Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,
Liliana x

Sigil Magic + Free Sigil Creation Guide

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sigil Magic. Have you ever seen magical objects adorned with some weird looking symbols? You may have been looking at a piece of sigil magic. Working with magical symbols is one of my favorite ways of working with magic. Why? I’m kind of a lazy witch, creating, charging, and activating a magical sigil is quick and relatively easy once you get the hang of it. Talk about magic on the go!
Read on to see exactly what sigil magic is, how it works, and don’t forget to grab your magical sigil creation guide below!

Sigils for initiations, patience, and dream work.

What are Sigils?

In simple terms, a sigil is a symbol created and activated to carry out an intention. It is a piece of magic that works within the realms of the unconscious to manifest our desires in the universe. They are part of the Chaos tradition of magic, made popular by Peter J. Carrol in the 1970s. Though this tradition has a specific way of creating magical symbols, the practice of creating magical and powerful symbols has been around for much longer than that. Think of symbols like the cross, a pentagram, or an ankh. All of these have been around for much longer than Chaos Magic, and they still remind us of something when they show up.

How do they Work?

Sigils work by activation through your subconscious mind. It sounds weird, yes. But think of it almost like a logo, or any kind of religious symbol. When you see them, your mind knows they have a specific significance. They activate something in your brain as if they’ve been programmed. Sigils work in a similar way, they are symbols created to blend into your subconscious mind to activate certain energies. By creating a symbol, spending time with it, charging, it and activating it we create subconscious bonds with our intentions. It’s a like a piece of magic that works in the background.

How are sigils used?

We can use sigils for pretty much anything, love, money, banishing, protection, spiritual purposes, anything. If you can think of it and you desire it, it can be made into sigil magic. Sigils may be used in a number of ways: to draw something toward us, to remind us of something, or to banish. The actions you would take when charging and activating should reflect these intentions. For example: a sigil created to protect your home could be burned and the ashes could be buried in your front yard.

Things to keep in Mind When Creating Sigils:

  • They do not have to be pretty.
  • There is no wrong way to create a magical sigil, everyone does it differently. Even I have different methods of creation within my practice.
  • Intention is everything. Write your intentions as present actions or affirmations. Ex: “I will get the job” will turn into “I am hired” or “I am have a job.”
  • For your sigil to work it must be activated, simply drawing it will not do the trick.

So, How can I make a Sigil?

Intereseted in incorporating Sigil Magic into your practice? Click on the Download below to get your own guide containing everything you need to know to get creating powerful magic through symbols.
Happy Crafting!
Much Love,
Liliana x

Download your own Sigil Creation Guide:


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