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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A little while ago we talked about sigil magic, what it is and how to create magical symbols. Today, let’s get into some of the fun stuff we can do with sigil magic! Sigils are one of the most versatile forms of magic, you can incorporate them into a myriad of magical projects. Read on to see how you can have fun with your sigil magic.
And if you haven’t downloaded your guide to sigil magic you can get your 10-page PDF guide here.


Spell bottles are pretty straightforward you have an intention, you gather ingredients, stick them in the jar. Shake it, charge it, and you’re ready to go. Adding a sigil to your spell bottles can make them more powerful magnifying and cementing the intention.


Subtle or prominently displayed, art and sigil magic go together like…things that go together? They can be discreetly painted into the base layer of a painting and no one would be the wiser. Sigil art in the home can be used to promote joy, bring blessings (think housewarming!), and provide protection from psychic attack or any unwanted energy sticking around where it’s not welcome. Maybe you want to promote harmonious interactions, or encourage extra warm fuzzy feelings, or create a super calm space. Creating a magical piece of art is an amazing way to bring sigil magic into practice.


Just like sigil art this method can be discreet or absolutely loud. This is perfect for casting glamours and protection spells on your clothes. I feel the process of stitching the sigil on your item gives it an incredibly focused energy. Imagine a favorite denim jacket decked out in magic like psychic armor or performing a glamour by drawing the sigil on your face with your moisturizer or favorite foundation and blending it out for radiating beauty from the inside out.
You may even wish to paint sigils on your shoes to encourage you to walk boldly or enchant your glasses for clear vision. The possibilities are endless!

sigil spell bottle


Do you have a favorite mug to have your tea or coffee in? Make it a magical vessel! Create a sigil for a good day, self-love, good health, grounding. Anything you might want to take in while you have your beverage. You can paint the sigil on your mug with ceramic paint markers, or if you have a favorite glass you can even use etching cream to create a beautiful frosted glass look.
One of my favorite ways, and probably the most frequent way I use sigils is to stir them into my drink. Sound weird? Let me explain. I usually take tea with honey so, when I stir my tea I’ll stir three times clockwise while reciting my intention, then trace the sigil into the liquid with the spoon and seal it by placing my hands over it with a goo old “So mote it be.” It only takes a minute and makes mornings all the more magical and helps me set good intentions for the day.


These are super easy to make and perfect for ritual. You may simply with to carve it directly on the candle wax, or you may choose to paint it on a glass pillar candle. Jesse Huntenburg has a beautiful way of making these with tissue paper, watch the video here. Either way it works! This is a good way to activate the sigil as it disappears as the wax melts. And your altar will look spectacularly witchy.


You may wish to embroider your sigil on your pouch as I have with this dream pillow (Dream magic coming soon!).
Or tuck it away inside the spell pouch after it’s been charged and activated. If you’re feeling wild you can even throw the ashes of your sigil into the bag as well to mix in with the rest of the ingredients.
I hope you enjoyed these fun little ideas! What’s your favorite way to use Sigil Magic?
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Much Love,
Liliana x
P.S. Grab your Sigil Guide by clicking on the image below if you don’t already have it!

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