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Some things to keep in mind when booking a reading:


I am not a fortune-teller, mind reader, legal, or medical professional. My readings are not a substitute for any health or legal professional’s diagnosis. I don’t read for serious health concerns, legal matters, death, or birth if you are in need of attention in these matters please contact the appropriate professional.

I am not a predictive reader. I can’t tell you when you will find your house or meet your spouse. I do read about where you are now and what that might mean for your path in the future, but in the end, you are responsible for your actions and your path.

You must be over 18 to receive a reading from me.

In accordance with the law, you are hereby notified these readings are for entertainment purposes only. This and any reading or spiritual advice should be taken within the context of your situation and never as finite instruction.

Any information you share with me (names, email, numbers, personal details) will not be shared with any third parties without your explicit permission. When signing up for the Luna Flor Tarot newsletter you are agreeing to receive 2-3 emails per month with collective readings and promotional offers from Luna y Flor Tarot.


All payments for reading requests must be tendered in advance through PayPal. Please note that all online payment transfers are done through Paypal, so please be familiar with their privacy policy and terms of use. Luna y Flor Tarot is not liable for any mishandling by this third party platform. In the event of third party mishandling, your claim will be with Paypal directly.

I reserve the right to refuse a reading I feel uncomfortable with, if this happens a full refund will be issued.

Due to the nature of tarot services refunds will not be issued, unless I am unable to provide you with a reading. You are paying for a service, tarot doesn’t always agree with our expectations. If you do have any issues with your reading don’t hesitate to contact me and we can work something out.


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