Tarot Habits: Journaling, Crystals, and Spreads

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

If you’ve been reading Tarot for any length of time you’ll have developed little habits in your reading. Everyone has a different approach to the cards and what they do when it’s time to sit down for a reading. Here are a few of mine:


I love having a few crystals in my reading space to set the energy, for grounding, for clarity, and also because they look so pretty! Some of my favorites are Amethyst for clear divine connection, Septarian for grounding and earth connection, Rose Quartz for reading from a heart space, and a new one I’ve been loving is Chrysocolla for clear communication and encouraging self-expression.
I like to set these around my reading space along with other little things like candles, sacred items, or incense to create a sacred space for reading. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen a little key appear frequently in my posts. This is my shout out to The Hierophant my teacher and card for 2018.

The Tarot Journal

I have a couple of Tarot journals one for my daily/weekly/monthly draws and one for full spreads. My traveler’s notebook contains my daily tarot draws. I used to just put them in my daily planner, but I wasn’t happy with that, so I moved them to a separate notebook where I can use as much space as I need each day!
I also started tracking my daily cards in a little tracker. This amazing idea came from Jess Rollar of Radical She Tarot. It’s the perfect way to see patterns as far as moon phases and in relation to my card of the month from my yearly tarot reading.
My second journal is home to full readings that go into shadow work, self-exploration, spirit guide communications, and pretty much anything that’s not a day to day kind of thing. This one gets pulled out for full and new moons, holy days, and any time I feel particularly adventurous.

Weekly & Monthly Spreads

I like to check in with tarot often. Aside from daily draws I use these weekly and monthly spreads to look at current themes in my life and advice for navigating through whatever energy is present at the moment.


Affirmations & Tarot

An important part of my tarot practice is affirmations. This helps me remember the main message of a reading and allows me to carry it with me in everyday life. So, even if I didn’t get a change to journal an entire reading synthesizing it in the form of an affirmation helps me integrate the message more easily than if I remember it at some point and start wondering what that was about and how it might relate to my current situation. An affirmation creates a practical way to work with the guidance provided by the cards.
So, there you have it. My tarot habits. What habits do you have in your tarot practice? Let me know in the comments below, I wanna know all about them!
Much Love,
Liliana x

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