What's in my bag: Witchy Edition

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I'm always curious about what sort of things witches and spiritual practitioners carry around with them on a daily basis. Do you carry a full blown portable altar or just a few little things here and there?

Here are my essentials:
My witchy everyday carry. Small mysteries Tarot cards, assorted crystal babies, traveler's notebook, annointing oil, and various spiritual jewelry.


I pretty much never leave the house without a deck. Usually it's my mini Small Mysteries deck because it's so adorably tiny it fits anywhere. I can even do a quick pull at work super discreetly when I need an extra boost of love from the Universe. (I'm a closet witch at work) Bonus: it reads beautifully for me.


This little vial is a life saver. I created this Goddess Anointing oil as an act of devotion to my matron. It's beautifully fragrant and it instantly puts me at ease. I pull this one out when overwhelm creeps in. It's kind of an all purpose sacred oil. I use on myself, clients, candles, spellwork, etc. I've even used it to ease nightmares when I  had a particularly bad few nights.


When someone asks me if my bag is so heavy because I'm carrying rocks in my bag I can honestly say yes. I will usually have a little bag of stones tucked away in my bag. These aren't always the same, I like to switch them out once in a while depending on the kind of energy I want to connect with or call in at any given time. Right now I'm carrying peach moonstone, blue kyanite, unakite, carnelian, citrine, rainbow obsidian, and mookaite.


This isn't inherently witchy or spiritual but it's definitely an important tool for my personal practice. My TN carries my Tarot journal, magickal notes, sigil drafts, spell ideas, and sacred scripts. It's like an extension of my Grimoire/ Witchbook/ BoS.


This doesn't exactly go in my bag, but it does go with me everywhere. Little bits of spiritually significant jewelry help me feel connected. My most worn is definitely the little gold Mother Mary pendant, I've had it since I was a child and I don't see it leaving my neck anytime soon. It's one of those things that feels strange when you take it off. I also love wearing my big chunky labradorite(by lagrimas de oro) or clear quartz necklaces.

So what's in your witchy/ spiritual everyday carry?
Let me know in the comments below or make your own post and tag me on instagram!

Much Love,

Lily x

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