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Thursday, September 6, 2018

my own birth cards: the chariot and the tower

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve hopped on here but I’m back!
I’ve been down, uninspired, unmotivated all the un’s. The fire has been missing and the burnout is real. Of course, my first instinct is to fight it. My Aries brain just cannot accept creative breaks. It goes and goes until inevitably it all falls apart, I’m forced to slow down and we begin the cycle all over again.
In the middle of this self-inflicted chaos I’ve had no other choice but to recognize the ups and downs as part of my internal cycle and surrender. This has been the biggest lesson for me over the past year.
But this is about Tarot birth cards, right? Let’s get on with that.


Our birth cards are a set of two (sometimes three!) Major Arcana cards assigned to us based on the numerology of birth dates. Your tarot cards, like your astrological profile stay with you all your life. Every pairing speaks to different aspects of ourselves. They could point out personality traits, lessons for this life time, patterns we’re meant to embrace or break.
I don’t believe they tell us everything about ourselves, but they do highlight significant aspects of our journey and can become valuable allies as we walk our path.


There are a few sites where you can find your birth cards and more information about each of the pairs. The one I used to find mine was the Tarot School.
It’s pretty simple to do it yourself, all you need to do is take your birth month, day, and year and add them together, then reduce to a single digit. Your pair will be the single digit and the other Major Arcana that reduces to the same number.
For example, if you were born on January 22, 1986 your process would look like this:
01 + 22 + 1986 = 2009 → 2 + 9 = 11 → 1+1= 2
Your tarot birth cards would be The High Priestess and Judgement!
*If your cards reduce to 1 your cards are The Magician, The Wheel, AND The Sun


My pair is The Chariot and The Tower, a chaotic pair for sure. But there couldn’t be a more appropriate pair. I do have to admit though that when I first found out what they were years ago I was so disappointed. Seriously, the freaking tower? Who wants that? I was a little mad about it.
Once I got over myself and really took the time to work with them and consider what they were trying to teach me I realized I judged them too soon.
Over the past year they’ve really grown on me and I’ve learned to listen both to their positive and “negative” qualities. I began to notice patterns, everything I am is about constant self-regeneration, and doesn’t that speak to the tower? After it all falls apart I pick up the pieces and start over. My internal chariot comes to the rescue.
And when the chariot takes over and I’m moving way too fast and losing focus, I crash into the tower, chaos for creation.
I had my biggest tower moment last summer, I think that’s what really put my cycles into perspective. And front and center.
I literally had a fall, tumbled down the stairs and fractured my ankle. Surgery and no walking for 4 months. The Tower says it’s time to slow down and refocus, sometimes it takes chaos to wake up.
And once I was able to listen, this whole thing came along. THIS thing that I’d been putting off for so long. The Chariot took over again and I began to move forward more focused and driven than ever. And here we are!
Working with my birth cards really gave me insight into my own patterns and helped me navigate difficult times by allowing me to remain aware and present. I can now recognize what is happening internally and try to let things flow.
The Chariot and Tower definitely still play a role in my life on a smaller scale, especially in my creative process, but it was so interesting to experience them in such a significant way.


I’ve created a few questions for you to work with if you’re interested in exploring your birth cards through journaling and reflection.
  • What is the relationship between these two cards? What story do they tell? Do I see this story reflected in my life?
  • I dislike my cards. Why? What is it about this card that puts me off and where does it appear within my life/self?
  • How can I work towards integrating the lessons presented in my birth cards?
I hope you find something beautiful in you cards~
Much Love,
Liliana x

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