Moon Water Ritual

Sunday, January 28, 2018

This full moon will be extra potent. We have a Full moon in Leo, the second full moon of January, making it a blue moon. AND we will also be having a full lunar eclipse, making it a blood moon. So much energy will be available to us. I thought this might be the perfect time to make moon water and a rose quartz elixir to imbibe the healing properties the moon will have for us tonight. This is a little ritual for moon water and gem elixir with the intention of promoting self love and deep healing of the shadow self. Read on to see the full ritual, use it tonight, or on any full moon!


  • Drinking Water
  • Rose Quartz
  • Glass Jar With Lid
  • Full Moon
  • An altar setup of your choice: it can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Pick things that make you feel warm, loved, beautiful. Charge an item of your choosing if you desire; such as a piece of jewelry, a mirror, makeup, anything you can carry with you as a charm.

The Ritual:

  • Take a bath or shower in preparation, if you can’t maybe just wash your hands and face to cleanse and renew calm.
  • Set up your altar in any way you like. I chose to use rose quartz pieces, marigold petals to connect with Leo energy, and a few tarot cards. The empress to bring love and inspiration, the high priestess for lunar healing, and strength for its connection to Leo.
  • When you feel ready, fill your jar with drinking water and place it at the center of your altar, place a rose quartz stone on the closed lid to create a gem elixir for self love and healing with your moon water. If possible in clear view of the moon, it’s okay if you can’t. The lunar energy is everywhere.
  • Once everything is set, it’s time to set your intention for the ritual. Offer a prayer to the Divine and to the moon. Speak your intention for the water and ask for it to be blessed by this lunar energy.
  • Now, leave your water to soak up the moon energy for at least an hour. You may leave it overnight if you wish but keep in mind rose quartz fades with the sunlight so don’t leave it our for too long!

Uses for Moon Water

Once you collect your moon water it can be used for any number of things! You can drink it straight to imbibe its loving energy and healing properties, or you can get creative and use it however you like. Here are a few ways I use moon water:
  • Brew your tea or coffee with it
  • Wash your face
  • Mix it into a clay mask
  • Use it in essential oil spray (a blend of geranium and lavender is my favorite)
  • Mix your paint in it, create a magical piece of art
  • Bless your space with it
  • Bless your magical tools
Happy Full Moon, I hope you enjoy this unique combination of energies available to you tonight.
Much Love,
Liliana x

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